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New Google Chrome Update Now Uses Less Memory On Linux.

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Google Chrome Update (110) is rolling out to users across all platforms this week and there’s a notable new feature included.

Google Chrome Update now includes a memory saver on linux. It may be enabled by default on your system, if not there is a toggle button to turn it on or off.

Google Chrome Update Uses Less Memory.

Finaly Google release this feature which was announced last year. However, it’s only just begun rolling out to users of Google Chrome’s stable channel.

If you already use Google Chrome on Linux you likely have this update already. If so, you can activate Memory Saver via the Chrome Menu > Settings > Performance.

Google chrome update - memory saver
Google Chrome – Memory Saver

When on, Chrome frees up memory from inactive tabs. This gives activate tabs and other apps more computer resources and keeps Chrome fast. Your inactive tabs automatically become active again when you go back to them.

You can add websites to an allow-list in Chrome. This will stop them from being unloaded in the background when the Memory Saver is Turned On.

Chrome users on Windows and macOS also get another performance-focused feature that reduces power consumption on laptops once the battery percentage dips below 20%. Sadly, that feature isn’t enabled in Linux builds — at least not yet.

Get Google Chrome 110

If you don’t have this update yet, go run a software update check. Chances are it’s available from your distro’s usual update avenues.

If not, you can download Chrome for Linux from Google, or get it unofficially from places like Flathub, the AUR, etc.

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